Dedicated to Custom Furniture Since 1996 
The Woodbine Furniture Company story begins in 1996 at a time when there were limited choices in the Dallas Fort Worth market. Most retailers then and now still carry furniture made overseas in China or Indonesia using inferior materials, poor construction techniques, and environmentally non-friendly methods. It seems consumer cost was the only metric and the idea was to produce a product without regard for quality or the environment. It doesn't matter if it doesn't last, it's disposable. Well, not here! 
Woodbine was formed to bring customers a true choice in the North Texas market. You can get what you want made to order. Isn't it nice to know where your furniture comes from, what it's made of, how it's crafted, and who crafted it. It's built to never end up in a landfill. And it's eco-friendly to boot!

Woodbine Furniture
8705 Davis Blvd Keller, TX 76248 (817) 514-0372
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