Black is the New Green

You could say that the Amish have always been behind the environmental movement. But actually, we've been ahead of it, making wise use of nature's abundant riches. And doing things the simple way, long before simple was cool. As a culture, we've always been very mindful of the materials we use and the world we leave behind. And if that makes us cool, or cutting-edge, or hip...well, that's something we'll just have to adjust to. Just like everything else.  
Built to Improve Two Environments. 
When we make our furniture, we're not just thinking about your living environment; we're thinking about ours. Which is why we're happy to do all of the following things to make the world a better world. One piece of remarkable, well-crafted furniture at a time: 
It takes a long time to grow trees that are suitable for Simply Amish furniture. So we make sure they're treated right. 
In fact, our hardwood suppliers work hard to ensure that forestry is practiced in an environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable manner. Additionally, all of our hardwood sources are located within 500 miles of our craftsmen, saving fuel and shipping cost and leaving a smaller carbon footprint than companies who import resources from overseas. 
Made here. Loved just about everywhere. 
Seventy percent of our furniture is made by Amish living within 20 miles of our distribution center. Most of the rest live within 200 miles, and we coordinate our long-distance pick ups with deliveries made to our dealers located throughout the USA and Canada, providing additional fuel savings. 
No power. No problem. 
You could say that the Amish were green when green wasn't cool. Whether they're traveling by horse and buggy, canning the food they grow in their own gardens or drying their laundry in the light of the sun, it would be hard to find any culture in America that's more environmentally friendly than the Amish. 
Keeping waste under wraps. 
At Simply Amish, we proudly blanket-wrap our furniture during shipping. We find it protects our furniture exceptionally well. And it also dramatically reduces the amount of foam, cardboard and dangerous plastics that are normally sent to landfills. 
We make sure no lumber is wasted. 
In some cases, neighbors share smaller wood pieces that they can't use, while sawdust is either sold or given to farmers for use in livestock bedding. Scraps are also used to heat our shops and homes during winter. 
Winter or summer, we're one with the earth. 
Our national distribution center is heated and cooled using an energy-efficient geothermal system, while the two-acre pond that serves as our geothermal field provides a water source for natural wildlife and local fire fighters, should they need to fight fires in our rural area. 
If walls could talk, ours would say we're doing the right thing. 
In addition to our geothermal system, the walls of our distribution center use a special material with an R-value far higher than most homes. This helps provide a comfortable working environment for our employees year-round while dramatically reducing our heating and cooling needs. 
Taking care of the people who take care of you. 
At Simply Amish, our employees enjoy exceptional health care benefits, including full coverage for the youngest members of the family.
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