Frequently Asked Questions 
1. Where is the furniture built?
It's built primarily in and around Arcola, Il. However, we also do business with woodshops in Indiana, Ohio, & Michigan.

2. Is it really made by the Amish?
Yes, it really is!

3. How long does it take to get my order?
Our orders usually take 8 to 12 weeks. It doesn't take that long to actually build your piece, but this is our current backlog.

4. What's the difference between woods?
First, there is a difference in density or "hardness". All of our woods are hardwoods as opposed to softwoods such as pine or fir and therefore are harder or more dense.

Second, there is a cost difference between woods. Our base price is
Red Oak followed by Soft Maple which is 10% more. Cherry, Hard Maple, Quartersawn White Oak, and Hickory are all 25% more than Red Oak. Walnut is 45% above Red Oak.

5. Is it solid wood?
YES! No particle board. Period.

The backs of our cased goods are plywood {not pressboard, not masonite, not luan} and in some places shelves are plywood.

BTW - our plywood is certified CARB {California Air Resource Board} compliant which means no urea formaldehyde! It is a soy based, solid wood ply center, random width plank cut, non book-matched, extra thick outer ply, plywood. Simply put, it is the best available!

6. What are the methods of payment?
Cash, Check, Master Card, Visa, or Discover Card.

7. How do you care for the furniture?
In general, our furniture is very low maintenance. Light dusting and wiping off any spills with a soft dry cloth is about all that is required. We recommend and carry Guardsman Polish and Wood Cleaner if needed.

8. What is meant by quartersawn?
Quartersawing is simply a cutting technique used to achieve a finished appearance different from the more typical flatsawing technique. Quartersawing involves cutting a log into quarters, then cutting boards alternately from the two flat sides of each quarter. The process produces a combination of parallel-line patterns and highly varied figuring that many connoisseurs of fine wood furniture find very appealing. Oak cut in this manner is commonly called tiger oak and is traditionally found in the “Arts & Crafts” style of furniture.

9. Do you do custom work?
Absolutely. Our furniture is crafted one piece at a time, to your order. You use available options with regards to wood, style, finish, size, hardware, etc to build your exact piece. If your requirements go beyond our customized options, give us a sketch and we'll quote it for you.

10. What's the warranty?

During normal use, if you have any issue with regards to workmanship or material during the life of the original owner we'll repair or replace it for free.

11. Do you ever have sales?
Yes. Sign up if you'd like us to notify you of our next event.

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