This is Why We Do It 
Spurred by our own frustration with traditional furniture shopping options, the owners of Woodbine Furniture Company have established a unique alternative for the furniture shopper in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. Below you will find customer testament to what we have achieved at Woodbine Furniture. 
Greg V. Reed 
Owner, Woodbine Furniture
Our 1st purchase at Woodbine was new master bedroom furniture a couple of years ago. We were so impressed with the craftsmanship that we did not hesitate to go back when we decided to look for new office furniture. We were not let down. It was delivered on Friday and looked exactly like we hoped it would. This is the kind of furniture that literally will last your lifetime. Don't hesitate to let Greg help with some suggestions. He has a great eye for what looks good.
James of Arlington
We are in the process of remodeling and have purchased furniture from several sources. Woodbine Furniture was by far our most positive experience. From start to finish, every staff member we dealt with was knowledgeable and courteous. There is an abundance of styles, woods, and stains from which to choose, so your furniture truly is what you want: no settling for one thing just so you can get something else. When our bedroom furniture was delivered and set up, there was little doubt that we'd purchased something special. The care that was taken with the new furniture, and within our home in general, was amazing. Woodbine's selection is special order, so there is wait time associated with the purchase. The price we paid was acceptable to us, since we felt it was appropriate to the quality. We are very pleased and will definitely look to Woodbine first for our additional purchases. Also, if you go by and are interested, you can request a catalog and ask to be put on their mailing list. The mailing list will give you access to coupons at various times throughout the year.
Brenda of Fort Worth
I selected the furniture I wanted and chose the wood and stain. The Woodbine employee was knowledgeable about the qualities of the wood choices for my purposes. I was given an estimated date via postcard when the furniture would be delivered, then a phone call a few days before. I was able to select a time window which worked for me. The delivery men were helpful and knowledgeable as well when they set up my furniture. The bed and nightstands were absolutely beautiful and were just what I wanted.
Rosemary of Keller
I have a stereo amp that is deeper than most and it was very hard to find a cabinet that would fit with the look and finish I wanted. The folks at Woodbine Furniture have a manufacturing group backing them up that allowed them to take a current design and gently modify it to fit my needs perfectly. I was able to keep the beautiful design in cherry wood and get it to fit my deeper equipment.  
I appreciate the experience the staff at Woodbine showed helping me with the design. The cabinet was delivered on time and to specification we wanted. The great service extended to our home when they brought the furniture and were very careful during the installation. I am very satisfied and will shop at this store again.
Larry of North Richland Hills
I had a fabulous experience with Woodbine. I was amazed at the variety offered in the showroom and the countless custom options, as well as the helpfulness and professionalism of Greg and his staff. The furniture is nop notch--extremely well made and lovely--each piece crafted like a piece of art. I was extremely pleased with each stage of my purchase and delivery and highly recommend this company. I plan to make all of my future furniture purchases at Woodbine and can't imagine settling for anything less!
Robin of Allen
I have purchased several pieces from Woodbine. The quality is second to none. Large selection of made to order furniture.
Daisy of Southlake
Thank you for assisting me with the purchase of my Sophia bedroom furniture and for the excellent service before, during, and after the sale. I appreciate your working with me after delivery to change the hardware. I wish you could see it - the pieces are beautiful with the fleur de lis pulls and knobs.
 Brenda of Aledo

I cannot begin to thank you enough for the new bedroom suite that I got this month. I have been buying items from your store for about the last 10 years, but this was the first really big purchase. The quality of this furniture is so good. This is the best furniture that I have ever owned.  All four pieces fit in my bedroom and I still have room to walk around. 
The guys Dennis and Taylor that delivered the furniture were so good. They took such good care of each and every piece of furniture when setting up in my bedroom.  My old bedroom suite had to be carried out and put in the garage, which they did for me. Both of them were so thoughtful and kind. Again, thank you so very much for the very good service that I have received from your store.  
Sandy of Hurst 
Our bedroom just isn't furniture-friendly. With one wall full of windows and one full of doors, switches, and knobs, that only leaves two usable walls for furniture. Our quest for new bedroom furniture was always met with disappointment. An artist friend suggested we look at Woodbine. Amish-made furniture, sounds really well-made, but it would probably look best in a farmhouse, not our suburban home with its contemporary furnishings, right? Oh my goodness have you seen the catalog?!! Woodbine carries a multitude of styles of solid, beautifully-made furniture, and each style is available for every conceivable spot throughout your home. That means that once you determine the style you like best, you are not limited to the four or five pieces most manufacturers might make, for instance, to furnish a bedroom. For us, that meant coordinating a fantastic, storage-providing TV stand with an elegant bed and various chests that perfectly balance the room. The choices of sizes and custom options met our every need. Shopping at Woodbine was a great experience!
Shelly & Paul of Arlington
My sister introduced me to Woodbine and your fine Amish furniture when I moved from California to Texas a few months ago. She took me to the Keller store so I could order a hutch, and a wonderfully knowledgeable salesperson taught me about such things as quarter sawn oak, the durability of the various woods and finishes, and so on. After ordering the hutch, I was disappointed to learn that it would be 8-10 weeks before delivery. But it was worth the wait! The beauty and quality are outstanding. People who see the hutch think it's an heirloom, and it may as well be, because I'm sure it will be handed down through many generations. Needing other furniture, I checked out other stores in the area, but everthing I saw looked so cookie-cutter and mediocre compared to Woodbine. So now I eat my delicious Amish blueberry jam and apple butter sitting on my beautiful Amish kitchen chairs. Then I go into the living room where reside 2 unique end tables and a coffee table, select a book I take from my stunning double bookcase, and settle into the most comfortable rocker I have ever sat in - all thanks to Woodbine. I even have a cleverly designed Amish wastebasket. Anyone looking for beautiful, quality furniture that's a joy to own, to touch and to constantly admire need look no farther than Woodbine!
Maria N. of North Richland Hills
My husband and I bought our first two pieces of Simply Amish furniture while we were living in Champaign, Illinois. We loved visiting the small Illinois towns were the Amish lived, seeing their simple life which seemed so much less chaotic than ours, and buying furniture that was made in a slower-paced environment with attention to detailed quality.  
We moved back to the North Texas area last December and needed some furniture pieces for our new home. This was when we found Woodbine selling Simply Amish furniture. Since then, we have purchased a new bed for our master bedroom and a dresser for our first child’s nursery. Our wish list is still full of other pieces that we hope to add over the years. We are thrilled to know that as we buy these Amish pieces, we are investing in quality furniture that will be family heirlooms for future generations!
Erin of Dallas
We are so impressed by the friendly service and help of the Woodbine Keller staff.  
The surface of our beautiful dining table was badly damaged.  
Entertaining 18 visitors, called for a tablecloth, under cloth and thick paper plates. We served scorching hot lasagne which left white circular marks at each place setting. Had we used china plates,which usually have a raised ring underneath to help distribute the heat, this would not have happened.  
We contacted the production manager at Woodbine,who readily offered some suggestions to remove the marks.  
We tried these but were unsuccessful.  
Another call to Woodbine,who quickly collected the table, sent it to the original woodshop and returned it beautifully refinished. All in one month! Just in time for our next party.... this time all cold food!!  
Our grateful thanks for efficient and very courtesy service.
Arthur and Nola of Trophy Club
We came to know the Woodbine Furniture Co. about a year and half ago. After looking everywhere for a long-lasting quality made all wood dining room table and chairs, we were told about Amish-made furniture at Woodbine. I checked out the website and requested a catalog. The catalog was at our house in about 3 days and I was elated and admittedly overwhelmed by the amount of selection and custom ability Woodbine provided. I had never seen anything like it. Once we finally made it into the store, I felt much more at ease. Dennis was very helpful in assisting us in picking out our custom made dining room table and chairs. We orderedand received our first Amish-made table in 2007.  
About six months later, we went back to Woodbine to order our hutch that we also custom made to our needs and at the end ofOctober 2008 we will look forward to receiving our third purchase of high quality, all wood custom made bedroom furniture from Woodbine Furniture Co.
Skye & Matt of Benbrook
Five years ago my husband and I shopped extensively for dining room furniture without agreement or availability of the style, size or quality that we wanted. My husband wanted solid natural wood and I wanted a dining room table that would seat all of our family and friends together for dinner parties since I love to cook and entertain. We converted our living room into the dining room in order to accommodate large gatherings, so I wanted furniture that was durable, multipurpose, comfortable, inviting, and beautiful.  
We came upon Woodbine Furniture store in Keller by accident. My husband and I knew we were in the right place the minute we walked into the store. The smell and color of natural wood was very beautiful. The selection and service was excellent. The manager, Greg, at Woodbine came to our home and measured our room and custom designed our server, hutch and table to fit our room. The absolute best feature that sold us on Amish furniture was a dining table that expands to seat 22 people and can be reduced in size to seat only four. I was also able to provide my own fabric for the chair covers to coordinate the color with the rest of my house. We have had many wonderful memories in our dining room with large dinner gatherings only to reduce the size of the table and later have a dance party for the young and not so young. Our dining table has been an excellent study room and board game for a house full of teenagers.  
My husband and I were so satisfied with the quality, delivery, setup, and service of our dining room that we ordered custom designed furniture for my husband’s office which included bookshelves, cabinets, desk, and filing cabinets. We have received many compliments on our furniture and as a result of seeing our gorgeous dining room and office furniture several of our friends have made similar purchases for their homes.
Toni of Southlake TX
We ordered a custom bed and Tempur-Pedic® Sleep System from your store. After waiting many weeks, it was finally delivered the afternoon before we were leaving to visit my mother in Illinois. The gentlemen set up the bed and we were very pleased with how it turned out. During our stay in southern IL, we decided to take a trip to Arcola, IL. We very much enjoyed the Amish country and stopped in many shops. We asked around until we finally found who had actually made our bed. We went to his shop in Arthur, IL. Steve Kauffman was gracious enough to show us his shop, Douglas County Wood Products, and allowed us to watch him and his workers, mostly his 10 children, craft their fine furniture. Steve mentioned that the owner/buyer of Woodbine happened to be in town for a meeting. He gave us directions to the community center and lucky for us, we got to meet him too. I'm sorry I've forgotten the name. All the way from Texas, we meet in Illinois! Not only did we get a bed we love, we have great memories of our little side trip!!
Nancy of Gustine, TX
I always enjoyed getting to visit the Woodbine store located on Davis Blvd.  
The furniture that I have bought from them has always been what I needed at that time. I have been buy two walnut tables that are so beautiful, one is setting in my bedroom with a live plant, and the other one is in the living room. Both are perfect for each room.  
Then I also have a Birdseye maple Shaker box that I love and I plan to buy some more from them.  
Every time I visit this store, I am always made to feel welcome and I love to just look around.  
I have not bought any of the large pieces, but have looked at the bedroom suites and was impressed by the way that the pieces were constructed. I look at the construction of the drawers and the way they open and this is not seen in furniture that is purchased from a typical furniture store.
Sandra of Euless TX
When my frugal husband and I were first married in 1982, we had a lot of "old lady" furniture. So we used one of those ugly 6 foot brown church tables for our kitchen table. Then after 10 years,another old lady gave us her maple table and 5 scratched chairs. For our 25th wedding anniversary I wanted an Amish kitchen table and chairs. We looked around and found an ad for a great sale at Woodbine in the Keller, Texas store. We walked in and saw the beautiful Farmhouse table on display, sat down and looked it over, and felt the wonderful smoothness and admired the finish even on the underside. There was a beautiful Lazy Susan on the table which matched the red oak finish on the table. We were able to look at all styles of chairs to go with our table and we chose 6. The saleslady was fun, not pushy, and when my husband and I finally agreed we wanted the table, I asked her if she would throw in the Lazy Susan and she very kindly agreed! We love our table and look forward to having grandchildren around it and making many happy memories in the future. Thank you Woodbine! Patience has its merits!
Michael and Jennifer
Three years ago, as a newly married couple in our early 20’s, we decided to start saving for our first bedroom set. We agreed to buy quality heirloom furniture even if it meant we couldn’t buy it all at once. Woodbine Furniture was the perfect fit for our needs: simple timeless pieces designed with choice of wood type, stain color, and style. We even had the option of purchasing a piece today and then 6 or 9 months later buying an additional matching piece without wondering if it would still be available. After moving into our first home last spring, we discovered Woodbine blends into any home’s existing décor whether it’s contemporary, casual country, European classic, or American formal. The furniture is finely constructed, and the craftsmanship superior. We’re hoping to start a family soon, and we envision an Amish nursery in our future!
Steve and Leigh Anne of Irving TX
My house in Southlake had burned down during a summer lighting storm, when I was away on a weekend vacation. I was in the process of rebuilding and refurnishing my home. Among my losses included a beautiful solid teak desk and cupboard that had followed me through several cities in Asia and Texas, until I chose to make Southlake my home.  
I was thinking of getting solid wood shelves and a desk. I walked into Woodbine and they offered to place orders for the custom bookshelves with the Mennonites south of Waco.  
They came to my home while it was still under construction, to take measurements for the bookshelves. They looked at the custom cabinetwork of the kitchen and entertainment center. They suggested that I could save time and money by ordering solid 100% ply wood cabinets with the same custom cabinetmaker.  
I took their suggestion and placed the order for bookshelves with my home custom cabinetmaker. This enabled me to save a third of the cost on the bookshelves, enabling me to be able to afford the much nicer desk, which I wanted. Not only that but also the bookshelves were ready at the same time my house was ready. And the fixed bookshelves, which would convey with the house if I ever moved again, were not as large an investment as the solid wood desk, which can follow me if and when I move again!  
They Woodbine employees were really looking out for the best value long term solution for me, the customer, more than their revenue or profits.  
Thank you Woodbine!
Siva of Southlake TX
My sister introduced me to Woodbine and your fine Amish furniture when I moved from California to Texas a few months ago. She took me to the Keller store so I could order a hutch, and a wonderfully knowledgeable salesperson taught me about such things as quarter sawn oak, the durability of the various woods and finishes, and so on. After ordering the hutch, I was disappointed to learn that it would be 8-10 weeks before delivery. But it was worth the wait! The beauty and quality are outstanding. People who see the hutch think it's an heirloom, and it may as well be, because I'm sure it will be handed down through many generations.  
Needing other furniture, I checked out other stores in the area, but everthing I saw looked so cookie-cutter and mediocre compared to Woodbine. So now I eat my delicious Amish blueberry jam and apple butter sitting on my beautiful Amish kitchen chairs. Then I go into the living room where reside 2 unique end tables and a coffee table, select a book I take from my stunning double bookcase, and settle into the most comfortable rocker I have ever sat in - all thanks to Woodbine. I even have a cleverly designed Amish wastebasket. Anyone looking for beautiful, quality furniture that's a joy to own, to touch and to constantly admire need look no farther than Woodbine!
Maria N. of North Richland Hills
I had been searching for a dining room table and chairs when I couldn't find anything of any kind of quality at any store. Then I found your store. From the moment I walked in your store, I knew I had come to the right place. All of the furniture was beautiful and of heirloom quality. I especially liked the clean lines. Whenever I look at my table, I smile because I know I have the best possible I could buy. I also liked that I could customize my table and chairs with different legs, wood types, and many different stains.  
I wanted a piece of furniture that I could hand-down to my children that would look good for many years to come. Woodbine has provided me with just that and I will definitely purchase my next piece from you. Thank you for your one-on-one customer service and attention to detail! This is lacking out in the retail world these days.
Claudia of Hurst TX
Our home is a living testimonial to Woodbine’s quality Amish hand-made furniture. We have 19 large pieces, including living room, dining room, bedroom, office, and kitchen. We also have numerous shaker boxes and toys. The larger pieces were custom built with our choice of hardwood, i.e. oak, cherry, maple, and hickory. We chose the stain from the large variety of stains offered at Woodbine. The larger pieces were delivered by very capable Woodbine employees who exercised the greatest care while setting up the furniture. We have felt very lucky that Woodbine has provided excellent customer service when needed.  
Our relationship with Woodbine Furniture Company began several years ago when we received a brochure in the mail advertising a NEW furniture store opening on Davis Boulevard in Keller TX. The brochure featured a large roll-top desk. We had been looking for just the right one for a very long time. Don went to see if this particular desk might be what we wanted, and so began our wish list. The desk and office chair were first. Then we ordered a dining room table and chairs. We ordered an end table with a special drawer for multiple remote controls. That particular drawer style has even become the standard. As we ordered furniture for the bedroom, the custom option allowed us to fit every corner. Only one room is left to be “furnished by Woodbine.” I wonder how long that will take……
Chris of North Richland Hills TX
My Husband & I looked at the Royal Mission sofa table on Sunday September 9, 2001 and considered purchasing it along with the coffee table and two end tables. We were married in September of 2000 and wanted to use some our wedding money on quality furniture. After September 11, 2001 we decided to wait while things around our nation calmed down. We were so impressed with the Amish as airplanes were grounded, people were stranded and a lot of businesses came to a screeching halt, yet they continued on without interruption. We placed our order on Sunday September 23, 2001, our one-year wedding anniversary. We also inquired about getting each piece fitted with glass to protect the top.  
The tables with glass tops arrived within the time period promised and were absolutely gorgeous. The cherry wood with natural finish did get darker and richer as time has passed just as the folks at Woodbine stated when we placed our order. We’re very pleased with our Amish furniture. We’ve gone back to Woodbine to purchase smaller items and are always impressed with their customer focus.
Cheri and Wayne of North Richland Hills TX
We loved the table we purchased from you when we lived in Texas, and appreciate the extra time and effort you’ve spent on this order, allowing us to purchase the matching hutch while we live in California. We will enjoy these pieces for many years, as will our children and grandchildren. Thank you, again, for all you’ve done.
Julie of Yucaipa CA
Should you be looking for solid wood custom furniture, look no further than Woodbine Furniture Company, in Keller, Texas. The Woodbine employees are knowledgeable and friendly and have a no-pressure attitude. From bedroom and dining room furniture to pie safes and rocking horses, each and every piece of Amish furniture is an individual work of art, and a timeless heirloom. Woodbines’ Amish furniture can be ordered to your specifications to include choice of wood and choice of stain. Furniture such as dining room chairs, may be added at a later date, with full assurance that the pieces will match.
Don of North Richland Hills TX
A couple of years ago my wife and I were looking for new bedroom furniture. We had made a number of visits to various stores that sold furniture, and had located some pieces we felt would work in our home.  
A friend from our church mentioned that before we made a decision we should visit the Woodbine Furniture showroom. She told us that after her first visit she had decided any furniture she purchased in the future would come from Woodbine Furniture.  
During our first visit to the Woodbine Furniture showroom we were also impressed. We were impressed with the genuine friendliness and helpfulness of the staff, and quality, beauty and uniqueness of the furniture. We did not make a decision to purchase furniture during that visit but during that following week we knew we had found the furniture we were seeking.  
We returned to Woodbine a few weeks later and purchased a beautiful bedroom set. After its construction the delivery of the furniture continued to show the quality that Woodbine Furniture puts into all of its business activities. The furniture was delivered in flawless condition no scratches, dings or dents.  
We could not have asked for a better buying experience, and we also now know that our future furniture purchases will be made with Woodbine Furniture Company.
Don of Kennedale, Texas
My wife and I had been searching for a unique narrow table for our entrance way. We had visited several furniture stores and frankly had become frustrated.  
When we visited Woodbine Furniture we were amazed! The good folks at Woodbine were patient, and truly listened to what we were looking for. They demonstrated quickly a table was available in the size we needed. Woodbine personnel also took the time to describe the types of wood available, and what to expect with various wood/stain combinations.  
When are table arrived it exceeded are expectations. The craftsmanship was apparent and the table will be passed on to our children. More importantly it was a perfect fit for the entrance way.
Gene of Roanoke, Texas
Thank you again for all your assistance in providing us with our beautiful heirloom dining room set. It is such a pleasure to see it and I assure you we love using it.  
It looks so wonderful set for this Christmas celebration.
Kathy of Colleyville, Texas
Woodbine's Furniture Beats Competitors' in Quality  
Walking into Woodbine Furniture for the first time, I could immediately sense quality workmanship and furniture that would fit right in at any home. I wasn't alone with those thoughts; another customer came in soon after, looked around, and commented to the saleswoman and me that Woodbine had the nicest furniture that she had ever seen.  
For six years prior to that afternoon last fall, I had been looking for a new sturdy oak table for my kitchen. I needed to replace my parents' worn 1950s dinette that I had been using since I was married 20 years ago.  
I wanted an oak table with turned legs, not a pedestal, with some kind of rounded chair back, and no upholstery. It was going in the kitchen and I had children that it had to withstand. I looked at Haverty's, Gabberts, Ware's, Oak Mill and many other furniture stores for the perfect table, but I didn't find it.  
I took some interior design courses in college and knew about the different kinds of joints used in furniture. That is what I use to judge manufacturers. If they don't use dovetailed joints on their case pieces, then I don't buy from them. Most tables I looked at for my kitchen did not meet my needs or quality requirements. Too much furniture today is cheaply made and won't last. I want furniture that will last.  
As I said earlier, I spent 6 years looking for the right table - never satisfied with what I saw - until I entered Woodbine last fall. I knew the Amish had a reputation for quality workmanship and I could see it immediately in Woodbine's furniture. I opened some drawers on several chests and saw the dovetail joints. I ran my hand across the furniture, looked at its finish, and felt its smoothness. This was the place to buy my table - this store offered quality workmanship.  
I spent the next hour looking at tables, checking out chairs for style and comfort and looking at stain samples. I liked the fact that I could pick my wood and stain color - practically designing the piece. That is not an option at other fine furniture stores. I bought my table that day and left feeling satisfied and excited. Woodbine had exactly what I had been searching for.  
I could not wait for my table to arrive. When it finally did a few weeks before Christmas, it was gorgeous. But the real test came at Christmas. My father-in-law was coming. He has built furniture and cabinets for himself and others and is particular about workmanship. I knew he would give his opinion. He didn't just say it was a nice piece and go on about his business. Instead, throughout his visit he kept looking it over, rubbing it, and raving about its workmanship. Then he commented and showed it to other visiting family members and anyone else who came over. If he thought it was good, then I knew it was good.  
Woodbine's staff offered good customer service during my visits, the sale and delivery. They answered my questions and let me know when to expect my order. It actually came in early. When they delivered it, they gently put it together, set it up and gave it another coat of wax or polish right there. The delivery people also taught me how to care for my table. Then the company sent a card thanking me for my business.  
I have been so excited about Woodbine and its furniture that I told my brother and sister about the company and showed them the catalog. Maybe in time they, too, will become Woodbine customers.
Tina of Euless, Texas
We love our new furniture and appreciate the friendly atmosphere at Woodbine. I've always dreamed of having good quality furniture. I'm totally satisfied.
Doug of Southlake, Texas
I feel that our family has had one of the most wonderful experiences possible, thanks to you.  
Last Fall we found out that we were expecting our first child and being 40 years old we knew that our life was about to change forever. Our home is filled with beautiful antiques and loving memorabilia from generations past. We immediately knew that we wanted to add to our family home a heritage piece that we could pass down to our child. Once we found your store we knew that we had found the source for our new piece of furniture.  
We immediately fell in love with the Amish glider. This glider is such a wonderful piece that we were able to select the finish that matched our little son's Italian cherry wood crib. During the day when I am feeding him or in the night calming him down for a good nights rest, the glider so soothingly sends him to sleep. Everyone that has come to our house comments on the beautiful craftsmanship of the glider and they too "coo" with delight when they get to rock in the glider.  
We want to thank you for your help in allowing us to select the finish and the style of glider that fits perfectly into our home. I know that our son will cherish this glider, as will generations to come.
Marci of Bedford, Texas
My experience with Woodbine Furniture, and the employees has been exceptional. Almost six years ago my husband saw a tiny ad in the Fort Worth Star Telegram, and we decided to check it out - curiosity got the best of us!  
We had been looking for a china cabinet for a couple of months and had gone to numerous stores in our pursuit of the perfect cabinet.  
As we walked through the door, we immediately fell in love with the quality of the furniture, and the friendly "no-pressure" demeanor of Dennis. In less than 30 minutes, we had picked out the "perfect china cabinet."  
For Christmas last year, my husband purchased a beautiful cedar chest from Woodbine, and it is the ultimate!  
We are building a new house, and one of our first stops was Woodbine - to purchase dining room furniture, to go with our "perfect china cabinet," - which, by the way, still looks like brand new! The people we talked with pulled the records from 6 years ago to match the style and stain for the new dining room furniture. We explained that our house would not be completed until the end of October, and the employees immediately volunteered to order the furniture, and then warehouse it for us until we are ready to have it delivered! This is true customer service - a quality that seems to have vanished from most retail establishments.  
Every time we walk through the doors of Woodbine, the employees are awesome! Dennis still remembers our name, and we never feel pressured to purchase anything. You guys have definitely made a customer and friend for life. The quality of your furniture is far superior to anything we've seen, and, when coupled with the integrity of the employees of Woodbine - why would anyone shop anywhere else?
Joan of Haslet, Texas
I love my furniture. It's beautiful and excellent heirloom craftsmanship. A great investment!
Betty of Keller, Texas
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